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Knowing where we came from is extremely important.  If natural processes made mankind over billions of purposeless years, then our lives mean nothing, and our ideas about reality are mere chemical interactions occurring inside our brain cells, but if God made mankind supernaturally, then each day of our lives is packed with meaning.


Our Creator set each of us on the stage of an unfolding history to play our parts according to His excellent and loving purposes, and if God made humans recently, like the Bible clearly indicates, then Scripture is error-free, worthy of our complete trust, and authored by a Creator whose Word settles the matter - whatever that matter might be.


Why should we study God's creation? In short, it's because that investigation will help answer some of our most significant questions about life, the world, its origin, its purpose, and ultimately why we are here.


Hardcover, 120 pages


Guide to Creation Basics

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