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Raiders of the Last Book

When Penn Jones is hired by a mysterious stranger to find a valuable book, little does he know what adventure and danger awaits. There are clues to discover, traps to avoid, and villains to escape! The whole family will enjoy this adventure-comedy short film about the dangers of historical revisionism.

Produced & Directed by Shad Eash

Written by Shane Eash

Music Composed by Aaron Fullan


A Production of ShadBoost LLC in association with Endurance Publishing House

Click to Watch the Movie

Length: 9 minutes

Get the real book that Penn Jones discovers in the film!

When Amos B. Martin began selling metal roofing panels in 1947, he never dreamed his business would grow into a major building supply company.


More Than Roofing introduces readers to the fascinating people behind AB Martin’s legacy of service. Learn how a family-owned company came from humble beginnings and continues to build on a Christian heritage guided by biblical principles to this day. Readers will glean insights into the factors that led to AB Martin’s success.

This book is for anyone interested in business success stories or history from simpler times.


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