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"This is one of the most interesting business biographies I have read in a while. Not only was Mr. Crowell gifted as an entrepreneur, but he was very generous to use his wealth to advance God's Kingdom. He also went to great pains to ensure that his wealth would continue being used for God's Kingdom after his death. A fascinating read." - Scott Eash


Do you ever think big things for God? Born into a wealthy family and endowed with a large inheritance after the death of his father, Henry Parsons Crowell had many opportunities to try his hand at business, a passion that suited him well. His shrewd business sense eventually brought him to the top of the oatmeal business, and to the potential for even greater wealth, if only he would compromise his values. But Crowell was a man of integrity and compassion.

Read this compelling story of a man who, in his youth, struggled with a debilitating and life-threatening illness. He was a man who survived the loss of two wives, a man who faced opposition in almost every venture he engaged upon, and a man who, through it all, thought big things for God. Whether it was in his home-based Bible studies, his business lunches with great leaders, his work to rid the city of Chicago of debauchery, or his contributions to the Moody Bible Institute, Henry Parsons Crowell was a man who above all sought to share Christ with those around him. See how the vows Crowell made as a young man to give glory to God through his stewardship came to fruition in this inspiring biography of one of the faithful men of God.

Cereal Tycoon: Henry Parsons Crowell Founder of the Quaker Oats Co.

$14.99 Regular Price
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By Joe Musser

Paperback, 160 pages

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