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The attempted cures for climate change are generally worse than the disease—especially for the poor. In this groundbreaking volume, experts in all the fields related to climate change explain for laymen what we know about climate change and evaluate from a Christian perspective the proposed responses.

Demands to transform the global energy infrastructure to depend heavily on wind, solar, and other renewables are harmful to people in America and the world–especially to the poor. Meanwhile, continued large-scale use of traditional energy sources like nuclear, hydro, and fossil fuels would reduce poverty while doing less harm to the environment.

Climate and Energy combines outstanding climate science, physics, economics, environmental science, political science, ethics, and theology to present a well-reasoned understanding of human-induced climate change and how to respond to it.


Praise for Climate and Energy:


"I highly recommend this remarkable book. It could change the entire debate over climate change and energy policy." - Wayne Grudem


"[Climate and Energy] will doubtless prove to be of great value for thoughtful, Bible-believing Christ-followers..." - Tony Perkins, president, Family Research Council


Hardcover, 444 pages

Edited by E. Calvin Beisner and David R. Legates

Climate and Energy: The Case for Realism

$29.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price

Climate and Energy: The Case for Realism

Edited by E. Calvin Beisner


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