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Progressives have fabricated a new Jesus so different from the real Savior that their faith can hardly be called Christianity.

Who do you say that I am?” Jesus asks each one of us that question, and there are a lot of wrong answers out there. By exposing the phony Christs peddled by progressives, Jason Jimenez shows why the Jesus of the Bible is the one to trust.

The first generation of Christians was careful to preserve what the apostles taught about their Master, collecting the inspired accounts in the New Testament. In particular, they wanted us to know that:

• Jesus was born of a virgin
• He was divine and human, true God and true man
• He worked astonishing miracles
• He died to atone for our sins
• He rose from the dead
• He will come again

Progressive teachers and churches now offer a version of Jesus that emphasizes friendliness, acceptance, and tolerance—a version that many Christians are falling for. They don’t realize that they’ve been sold a fairy tale that is historically and biblically indefensible.

Hijacking Jesus is an investigative work addressing perennial questions about the nature and doctrine of Jesus. Jason Jimenez honestly tests the progressive version of Jesus against the four canonical gospels, which remain the most credible sources for Jesus’s life, teachings, miracles, death, and resurrection.

This book clears away the fog of politically charged Christianity, allowing you to see and know the real Jesus, the Lord and Savior.

Hijacking Jesus

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Hijacking Jesus: How Progressive Christians Are Remaking Him and Taking Over His Church

By Jason Jimenez


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